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existing only as the product of unchecked imagination : fantastically visionary or improbable

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»»»» 9 year RS vet
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»» FC: Tumblrscapee
» Current Goal: All skills to 80

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so… where did runetrack go? O.o went to check it this morning, both chrome and firefox said it can’t be found?

2100 milestone!!!! :D yayayyaya

okay okay okay so today has been like christmas to me.

I joined the tag back in October, and from the first time I heard about Tindies I knew I wanted to join but was too nervous to guest and ask for an invite. For 6 months I’ve quietly admired the clan and its members, slowly befriending a few of them :) 

After a few days guesting and getting to know this lovely and meeting/chatting with Kasia in game for the first time yesterday I decided it was time and was welcomed into the clan! 

The people who know me know very well I’ve always said I’m not a clan person. Today was the first time I have ever been completely ecstatic to join a clan. I’m not only thrilled to be a part but honoured as well. Really looking forward to the future and getting to know everyone :) 

Thank you!!


Hi everyone! 

Recently a new Tumblr FC was made called “TumblrScapee”. The chat had an awesome start and flourished within the first few days, but with recent occurrences the number of member has now dropped! 

The FC is for anyone who wants to join as an alternative to the other FCs. Stay for a little, or join the FC for good! Just give it a chance! 

Even though there was ranking abuse, it has been taken care of. After there are enough members we will be putting out an application for a rank. This gives everyone an equal shot at getting ranked. The applications will be reviews by current ranks and approved by them. Ranks are only to make sure nothing gets out of hand, especially to keep the drama to a minimum. We strive to keep everything equal, so that no unapproved kick/bans ever happen again. 

Please stop by “TumblrScapee”! It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to make new friends and talk to friends you might already have! 

just a simple thanks for all of you following and supporting me <3


This is where I ‘grew up’.

I remember getting my first pet cat in this town, standing in the general store waiting for a player to sell something I needed and raging over being too slow. I remember trying to haul ass past the dark wizards and hoping they would attack a player with an even lower level (which rarely happened but I was glad they went as a sacrifice when it did). I remember actually buying one of those dinky little newspapers and reading who died (Rat, Rat, Goblin, Rat, Goblin), running from the bank to Aubury for an essence tele with massive amounts of players, and having my cat chase mice in the sewers. I remember being upset with players who would shoo the stray dog and always having food for it in my bag when I’d run through the town. I remember always running between here and Lumbridge because at that point I thought they were the only two cities around. I remember the first time I stole anything was from the tea stall. I only did it because I was near death and didn’t have food in my bank and I remember feeling really guilty about it. I remember going to the pub and buying beer after a long day of adventures, feeling like a total badass (hahaha). I remember discovering barbarian village and spending ages over there fishing, but constantly running back to Varrock for bank.

I remember a lot about this town, even though I rarely come back to visit.

This is where I grew up. What about you?

So my little sister who is 10 called me because its cultural week and she wanted me to make scones for her class this friday.

She calls me and is giving me the ingredients and directions, etc.

Very last thing she says to me?

"Oh yeah, I need 70 of them okay love you bye!"

what the hell did I just agree to???

Heya! So I’ve spent the last few hours re-doing my blog c:

I have a new theme, added a nav button for my selfies (bc I’ve watched some of you work so hard on statcounter to find them (; haha) and have a music player that is not auto play since I know it irritates a lot of people.

I looked through a lot of blogs for background pictures but when I tried to use them, most of them stretched hella and it just looked weird so I took my own :D But thank you to everyone who suggested different blogs for me!

I’ve been on the tag for 6 months and I honestly think this is the first time I’m happy with how my blog looks and actually looks scape-related haha

end of rambling ty guys xxxx


So this idiot just sent me this shit phishing attempt. Can we report this guy to get him banned from tumblr or something?

It’s so pathetic to see people stoop so low that they try to phish us through tumblr.

Decided to give it a shot..

Dominion Tower in HTML5

just trying to log into html5 is a 10 minute process

Today is off to a great start! :)

I baked my first pie from scratch tonight and idk why I never made one sooner.
Oh, oh no that’s right. I absolutely hate pie.

rs-sunrock asked: level 80 magic, level 99 beauty. #cheesyrunescapepickuplines. #itssolateatnight #imsotired

haha omg this is one of the cutest messages I’ve ever gotten<3

Since I hit 80 I alched my slayer tab (bank was getting too full anyways).

I keep all of my gems, herbs, and water orbs for other skills but everything I alched and sold came up to 7.3m :) That’s just from 75-80 and ik it might not be much to most of you but I’m pretty happy with it